Staying Safe Online

Staying safe online

Millions of people use the internet every day.

We go online to find information, do homework and listen to music, to have fun and catch up with family and friends.

It is incredibly useful -- as long as we know how to stay safe.

Every February, Safer Internet Day aims to remind young people about the need to be safe online, and teach us some simple advice about how to protect ourselves.

Here's how...

Don't be friends with strangers:

It's fun to chat with friends online. But if you don't know them in the real world, you have to ask yourself if you really know who you're talking to. People might not be who they say they are. They might be using someone else's photo.

Don't share personal information:

Never tell a stranger your address, your phone number, or the name of your school.

Think before you share pictures:

Pictures that you share over the internet will stay there forever. Someone else may download them, and you can never take them back.

Respect the privacy of others:

Don't give out information about other people. You never know how it will be used.

Remember that any information you post online, whether it's in words or pictures, could be used by bullies, who might say things that are hurtful and upsetting.

If you come across anything on the internet that makes you feel uncomfortable or frightened, you should always tell an adult.

Everybody should be able to use the internet without having to worry.

You might know your way around the internet, but always make sure you stay safe. And if Safer Internet Day leaves you feeling confident, then why not take the opportunity to help a friend?

E-Safety is a way of staying safe and out of trouble while using the internet.

Below are a few links that you should find useful teaching your children about E-Safety at a level they will understand.

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